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Postby Christopher Hill » Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:11 pm

I have owned a Guyatone LG60 guitar for 50 years. It is a natural wood finish, all original except for the tuning pegs, which were plastic pegs on metal shafts, and were very easy
to damage. I replaced them with a vintage set of Klusons in 1976. The pick-up magnets had become very weak by 1978; shortly afterwards the internal wiring disintegrated - so it needs a bit of a sort out! It needs a bridge with the facility to alter individual string intonation. There is no truss rod fitted, so light gauge strings are the order of the day! It has a
nice V-shape neck, which suits me, but the narrow fingerboard would prove a challenge for anyone with large hands or fat fingers. Having survived several house moves and not having seen daylight for many a year I think it deserves a bit of restoration. If you google guyatone/antoria someone has posted an old catalogue, which shows the various models.

As funds are now in place, I was thinking of first taking it to Chandlers in Kew. Can anyone recommend a guitar repairer/restorer in the South East of whom they have had good
personel experience of their work?

Kindest regards
Chris Hill
Christopher Hill
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